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Here at The New Norm, we strongly believe in open discourse and transparency, and we’d love to invite you to join us on our mission to transform this world into a more sustainable place. 

My name is Kaylee, your resident blogger, and I’ll be providing the updates on what The New Norm has been working on, any new exciting discoveries we’ve made, and getting you acquainted with the rest of the team. 

So, a little bit about myself and what I do at The New Norm. Like Lauren, our founder, I also recently graduated from Johns Hopkins University, where I was a Writing Seminars and English double major. My role at The New Norm primarily involves our brand development and marketing. 

Being an avid storyteller, I am incredibly thrilled to launch this blog and start documenting our journey at The New Norm. We have new developments every week and things are moving fast, and we’d love to have you in the loop with us. So stay tuned for more blog posts from here on. 

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Senior year for Lauren and me was full of shock and surprise. The two of us were enjoying sushi together on a Tuesday evening, when we suddenly found out that Hopkins was cancelling classes and sending us home due to COVID-19 starting the very next day. Over salmon sashimi and spicy tuna, we frantically refreshed our emails and texted all of our friends to find out more information. That moment still feels like yesterday for the both of us. 

Graduating Hopkins didn’t happen the way we imagined it would, but virtually, it still happened anyways and we’re so very thankful for everything that being a Hopkins student has taught us. Our connection to Hopkins doesn’t end with our graduation though—The Red Solo Cup Project will resume on campus and work alongside our  Hopkins-wide recognized Design Team. Our student team is very multidisciplinary—materials, mechanical, and environmental engineering students come together to solve design challenges related to The Red Solo Cup Project on campus. Students will be working on figuring out ways to better collection, decontamination, and material processing at Johns Hopkins.


With senior year abruptly cut short, Lauren had to quickly transport all of her machinery and equipment out of FastForwardU back to California with her. After a Spring Break where everyone basically just went home, The New Norm, along with the rest of our college life, had to relocate onto a virtual platform. 


Since mid-March, The New Norm has been holding meetings over Zoom and our team has re-assembled and found our own “new norm” methods to staying connected and productive. We have recognized, now more than ever, the importance of malleability and creativity in this time of frequent disruption and confusion. Staying digitally organized and functional has been our utmost priority. We have used this time of quarantine and social distance to improve our internal communications so that we always have a positive flow of information between our team members. 


Even though these times are unfamiliar and challenging as conditions keep changing while we are mid-pandemic, one thing that has remained consistent for us at The New Norm is our commitment and dedication to our mission of ecological sustainability. If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has alerted us to the great need our nation has to reduce our waste and have a solid infrastructure for internal production. So we hope everyone is staying safe and healthy and we will continue to work toward a greener future.

Kaylee, our resident blogger!