Our Pilot Recycling Program at Johns Hopkins University


To give you an idea of the momentum we’ve gained on the Johns Hopkins University campus alone, we have received over 4,500 Solo cups from the various student organizations that were eager to support our movement in just a semester. 


We are a college with only 6,000 undergraduate students. Imagine if we scaled up to a school like USC, with 20,000 undergraduate students, 25% of which are involved in Greek life. The fall football season can pack the Coliseum with a maximum of 77,000 fans. Alums and families are also in attendance. And who doesn’t use a Solo cup?


Our hope is to implement a collection program at all college campuses in the US. 


This is a project that went from concept to product, Solo cups to fabric, in just 6 months. We began consistently producing filament from recycled Solo cups in October 2019. Then, we began weaving our material in December 2019 on a table loom and have now made samples on an industrial TC2 Jacquard loom. We have collaborated and formed strong relationships with MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) and FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles). 

Collection: Spring 2020

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