Our Mission

We aim to revolutionize the fashion industry with our signature fabric made from recycled Solo cups.












Our fabric made from recycled Solo cups. 

The fashion industry is now the 2nd largest polluting industry after the oil and gas industry.

We are developing fabric that will allow apparel brands to meet their sustainability goals and produce clothing that helps the environment. 

Recycling in the US

Our timing is crucial. 

91% of all plastic is not recycled globally. 

America is currently facing a recycling crisis and most people are not aware of the gravity of this issue.

Most US recyclables are no longer accepted by China as they previously were and instead are ending up in our landfills. Before the ban, recyclable plastics already made up a third of the waste found in US landfills

China’s new laws will displace another 111 million metric tons of plastic by 2030, which has already started causing problems for our cities’ waste management infrastructure. 

The US is projected to run out of landfill space within 18 years, because we have not developed the proper infrastructure to manage our own waste.

Our Unique Solution


One factor that sets us apart from other companies is that we use domestic recyclables to make a domestic product. Other companies that are addressing this issue have chosen to go outside the United States to collect recyclables because resources and labor are cheaper. This actually makes the carbon footprint larger than it should be for a “sustainably” made product.

We are also excited about our unique material, because it is not used by other companies and is so readily available. 

America uses 7.4 billion Solo cups annually.

We have targeted the largest users of Solo cups, college campuses, and therefore we’ve collected all our cups for free. Our pilot program on the Johns Hopkins campus has proven how willing students are to participate in a larger environmental change. In our first weeks of collecting, we gathered 1000+ per week from student organizations.