The New Norm LLC

We pride ourselves in implementing new ideas as soon as they are shared. This is crucial. Fast, purposeful innovation only comes when you’re constantly sprinting from idea to implementation, idea to implementation.

Lauren Choi

Founder & CEO

Lauren will be pursuing The New Norm full time having just graduated with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. This summer will be dedicated to lab testing with the aim of recycling on a larger scale in the near future. 

Johns Hopkins

Materials Science & Engineering

Design Team

We are so grateful for the support we have received from the department. We are excited to continue research alongside the department in the coming years.

Kaylee Zou

Brand Development 

Kaylee is the newest member of The Norm LLC. She is overseeing the marketing and communications of the company in addition to spearheading the brand development.

The Red Solo Cup Project @ Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins

Fast Forward U 

JHU Technology Ventures

A huge thank you to the team at Fast Forward U. We would not be where we are today without your guidance.


(This spring semester, The New Norm participated in the Fast Forward U Fuel Accelerator.)

Starting Fall 2019, our founder Lauren Choi, created the first ever student-initiated Design Team under the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Johns Hopkins University. The Design Team aims to increase the scope of research performed, fuel innovation within the university sphere, and maintain a strong connection with this project’s alma mater, Johns Hopkins University.

The project has become a university wide recognized Design Team and recently won the Johns Hopkins Senior Design and Engineering Award. 

Danielle B.

Red Solo Cup Project Team Leader

Mechanical Engineer

Abby W.

Design Team Leader

Materials Engineer

Julian G.

General Engineering Team Leader

Mechanical Engineer

Ben B.

Materials Engineer

Jasmine B.

Environmental Engineer

Tina D. J.

Materials Engineer

Lydia W.

Environmental Engineer

Collin S.

Materials Engineer

Special Spotlight: The New Norm x Isabel Oliva

Isabel Oliva 

Textile Designer


Not only is Isabel a talented artist and designer, but she is also diligent, creative, and insightful. We went to work as soon as we met. Just 2 weeks later, she had woven our first piece on the TC2 Jacquard digital loom using her personal designs and our recycled Solo cup filament. We are excited for the collaborations to come.